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Dear Rob,


This is a shout-out for Veronica Espinoza and her terrific expertise!


In May, Veronica was fantastic with helping my husband, Kevin Neuhoff, get signed up with his Blue Shield Medicare supplement. Kevin just turned 65 and it was an all-new process for him. We are both (fortunately) blessed with very good health and never really (unfortunately) learned how to navigate the health insurance system. It was a great experience working with Veronica. She was really knowledgeable about the various plans and was very clear and patient walking Kevin through the various possibilities. She laid out the options in clear, plain language and he feels very good about the plan he chose.


I signed up for my Medicare supplement in 2016. I remember reviewing the plans with my agent but frankly, I didn't really understand what I was purchasing then but glad to have a supplement in place since it was my first year on Medicare. After seeing Kevin have such a great experience with Veronica, I asked her to help me when my birthday month (September) allowed a plan change. I got in touch with her Aug. 7 and after a couple of calls/webinar I'm thrilled that she submitted my application Aug. 20 for the plan change I want. She responded immediately to any/all of my questions/requests with a friendly tone and helped me understand the various benefits and differences between plans. I really appreciated the amount of info she sent me and how thorough she was in walking me through the comparisons in the webinar. She really knows the products inside and out and it was a pleasure to work with her on my supplement needs.


In this strange, uncertain time of pandemic with most business having to be conducted virtually, I am very impressed with the quality and level of service Veronica gives to her clients. Quick, thorough, knowledgeable, patient, super-professional and friendly--She's fantastic!!


A grateful client, 

Mary Chun

Kuhtz Diehl Agent - Veronica Espinoza   |

Good Morning Rob and Steve,


We received a call from one of Veronica’s Spanish speaking Medicare clients by the name of Perta. She wanted me to make sure that I let Veronica’s boss know that she goes above and beyond her job qualifications to make sure all of Perta’s questions and concerns are answered clearly and that she make her feel happy and cared for each time, even on weekends when Veronica shouldn’t be working. She is very grateful for Veronica and just wanted to let you know how appreciative she is for her.

Kuhtz Diehl Agent - Veronica Espinoza   |

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