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Medicare Special Needs Plans

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Medicare Special Needs Plans are also known as Medicare Advantage SNP’s.  

There are two types of special needs Medicare Advantage plans: 

 Chronic Illness (C-SNP’s) 

Chronic Illness plans are designed to specifically provide enhanced benefits and lower controlled prescription costs for Medicare    beneficiaries who suffer from chronic illnesses such as: 

  • Cardiovascular Disease 

    • High blood pressure 

    • Heart failure 

    • AFIB 

  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes 

    • You do not have to be insulin dependent 

    • Are you taking or have you taken metformin?  

  • COPD 

  • ESRD 


Medicare & Medi-Cal (Dual eligible or D-SNP’s) 

Dual Eligible plans are designed for those Medicare beneficiaries who have both Medicare and Medicaid.  These plans coordinate benefits with Medicaid to offer additional access to providers, as well as benefits and services your regular Medicaid benefits do not, such as: 

  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments, pharmacies, and grocery stores 

  • Over the counter pharmacy credits to use quarterly 

  • Gym memberships 

  • And more!  

Medicare Special Needs Plans Information

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Medicare Options 

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